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Beyond the Scoreboard: An Insider's Guide to the Business of Sport - Rick Horrow Sports business analyst Rick Horrow’s latest encyclopedic book on the intertwined worlds of sports and business is filled with fascinating details and insider information. Such gems as “Five Sports Television Innovations Fans Can’t Live Without,” “Not Your Father’s Turf: An Iconic American Brand Reinvents From the Ground Up,” and “How They Made Their Money,” a recap of the owners of pro sports teams, are promising fodder for conversations at the sports bar.[return][return]Horrow’s excellent research, his attention to detail, his humorous take on various facets of the tightly-knit relationship between pro sports and business cannot be faulted. With such a grasp of rich details and insights into what makes fans, players, and owners tick, it is a great read for a sports fan who would like to know more about what truly drives the business side of professional sports.[return][return]A more careful organizational schema would have aided readers in surfing the waves of information breaking over them. Within each chapter, a chronological organization would have clarified and even enhanced the impact of the knowledge so deftly assembled by Mr. Horrow. Additionally, the chapters themselves could have benefited from a more logical organization within the book’s overall structure. [return][return]Clearly, Mr. Horrow knows whereof he speaks, and this book is a must-read for the sports fanatic who would like to know insider information about this multi-billion dollar industry and the intricate and Byzantine machinations that comprise its astounding hold on the American psyche.