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Fall to Grace - Susan Bien Susan Bien's debut novel takes off at breakneck speed and never relents. FALL FROM GRACE is a real page-turner, filled with insider details on international investment banking, the A-life in New York City's "Masters of the Universe" world, and layers upon layers of insight into the way we live our own lives from a surprisingly artistic perspective. Throughout, Bien's voice is smart, razor-sharp incisive, and witty. Comments from her characters are often hilarious head-snappers, such as, "My mom loves everybody. I swear she'd let Saddam Hussein spend the night if he had nowhere else to go." Bien knows this world, and her vivid details and her characters' perceptive observations make the story jump to life off the page. This book is highly recommended to anyone who wants an insider view into this world - and to anyone who is struggling with the meaning of life on many levels. Bien's conclusion is a game-changer and worth the read.